When entering into a real estate transaction, most buyers, sellers and investors have to go through a number of professional service providers in the process.

An important benefit we offer to our clients involves the comprehensive services our law firm provides. At The Babbs Law Firm, we handle real estate transactions, corporate formation, representation at closing and a range of other residential and commercial real estate related matters so our clients can look to one firm to handle all their real estate and business needs.

We provide personalized and detailed services for clients throughout the State of Florida, including but not limited to:

  • Residential Transactions: We represent clients in all aspects of residential real estate purchase, sale and lease transactions, including negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts and leases; examining title and resolving title issues; drafting, reviewing and explaining the significance of closing documents; and representing clients at closing.
  • Commercial Transactions: Commercial real estate matters involve a much greater degree of complexity. We help buyers, sellers, investors, tenants and landlords in matters that include zoning and land use, environmental inspections, compliance, tax matters, representation at closings, and contract and lease negotiation, drafting and review.
  • Title Examination and Insurance:We provide our clients with counsel regarding title insurance, as well as thorough title examination services to check for issues involving liens, judgments, encumbrances, boundary lines, easements and other potential title issues.
  • Loss Mitigation Services:If you are facing foreclosure, we will help protect your interest in your property and work with your lender for a loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu of foreclosure.
  • Writ of Possession After Foreclosure Sale in Florida. After you have received a certificate of title and become the owner of a foreclosed property, you still have some work to do in order to protect your property from further damage or waste, perform repairs and maintenance and if you want to list the property for sale or rent. We represent clients to obtain a Writ of Possession after Foreclosure Sale in Florida.
  • Brokerage Commission Disputes: In Florida, Brokers are faced with more and more disputes with sellers, buyers and co-brokers over commissions. An understanding of the law and how to take steps to protect your rights to commissions are essential.  It is generally preferable to have an executed written brokerage agreement.  That agreement should set forth the commission, the entity that is responsible for the payment of the commission, when that commission is earned; define procuring cause and how disputes should be adjudicated.   We can help you draft these types of agreements and can also represent you should litigation arise.
  • Post- Foreclosure Deficiency Judgments in Florida: The granting of a deficiency judgment in mortgage foreclosure is the rule rather than the exception. We Can Help You Fight The Post-Foreclosure Deficiency Judgment.

At The Babbs Law, you will receive our aggressive representation at every step. When you contact our law firm, you will be speaking with attorneys who are licensed in the law and experienced with local residential real estate and commercial real estate issues. Our experience with everything from title insurance to closings, as well as our access to real estate trends, adds vital insight to the guidance we give you.

We look forward to meeting you and to finding out how we can help. Look to Sam Babbs III and The Babbs Law Firm, for real estate legal solutions that work for you. Our phone number is (407) 999-0220. You can also e-mail us. Se habla español



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